Sunday, October 7, 2007

Foot ball and pumpkins and patches, oh my!

this past week has bee busy as usual. we took some time out to visit the pumpkin patch with the kids.

since when should it be 90 degrees and freaking' hot in October? anybody...anybody (is this thing on?)

the deal was they had to decide on bowling or pumpkins. which ever they don't choose we'll do in a couple weeks. we always watch the game before we do anything to go anywhere. Anna took her nap during the game and then we left to pick pumpkins. the horse drawn wagon takes you out to the field where you pick any pumpkin you want. $5 no matter how big or small, or color or freakish in nature.

did you know there is such thing as ghost pumpkins? seriously!!! they're albino! weird....

some of the photos in the slide show are just wild and random. Danny really enjoys taking pictures. they really good, but maybe not best subject (like me) or it something wacky like a foot, or the steering wheel, or how about the TV??? at any rate, enjoy!!!!

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