Thursday, September 20, 2007

aaron's 3rd bday weekend

Aaron had so much fun over his birthday weekend. My mom and some friends stopped by to celebrate. Sunday we took the kids to the fair to see the animals and go on rides. Aaron didn't like ti too well,, but Danny stayed along time so he can enjoy them.

I can t believe Aaron is already three. He's a little brother and a big brother. He's just a great brother. he helps me wake up Anna most mornings with Danny. He's getting better at the potty training, but we still don't have him completely trained. his favorite food is cheese and could drink milk all day long if we let him. Hope you enjoy the pics. Dont forget to comment!


Jim Ramsey said...

Hey I just wanted to say hi I was thinking of you all today!

danamydannyaaronanna said...

Hey Jim!!!! thanks for checking us out!!!! we thnk of you often. we miss you .. any chance you'ss be in AK in 2 weeks?