Tuesday, August 28, 2007

danny's first day of school this year!!!

danny was SOOO excited to go meet his new friends and teachers last night. we made a special date of it. we went to the shoe store and he picked out shoes tht made him run really fast. then we bought flowers for his teacher--ALL HIS IDEA,TOO!!--- and then we grabbed some dinner. we had to sit through a small presentation to have all the teahers and programs introduced. he could hardly wait for the time he could run to his classroom and give his tachers their flowers. it was just so cute, and he became really shy around them.

anna gets her ears pierced

while the boys were our fishing and camping, anna and i did a girls weekend. look waht we did!!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

danny and aaron's fishing and camping trip w/ grandpa

danny caught his very first ever fish.

aaron had fun cutting the grass.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


hellooooooooooooooo! i just sent everyone an EVITE for aaron's birthday party. Make sure you reply that you are ON BOARD so you are accounted for :)

saturday september 15th @ 1pm. be there or be a weenie who will be missing out a good time :p love you all!!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

dog days of summer

just wanted to post something fresh to get rid of the stale taste this blog has had for the past week or so. we've been REALLY busy lately. weekends are usually full. I;m working long days a couple times a week. I took on a huge responsibility at church. Danny is getting ready to go back to school in a couple weeks. Anna started walking. ****DEEP BREATH****** still potty training Aaron. planning on seeing long distant friends soon. boys go fishing this weekend. girls go see friends in NY. Aaron's 3rd birthday is coming up. doing family and church pictures soon----HUGE THANK YOU TO CRYSTAL FOR THAT!!! *****EXHALE***

yeah, we've been swamped making lots of memories this summer.

what are some of yours? I'll go first....

SO the new pastor comes over for dinner. things are going awesome and Danny runs into the house and quietly tries to tell me "oh my gosh mommy! you have GOT to see this!" i tried to politely get him to go back outside to play but he wouldn't let up. He dragged me the hand only to see Aaron in the back of the pastors truck bed...... peed all over it with a nice crap, too! I felt so stinking bad!!!!! if you're a mom or a dad i am sure you can appreciate this.