Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Anna's Halloween Day 2007

I think Anna deserves her own posting. She was just the cutesiest dang thing i have ever seen. Dan doesn't like this outfit, but i LOVE it. the only reason i posted one of me with her is because i dressed up for work as a "stay at home mom". no hair or makeup, but i did brush my teeth and wear deodorant. I put Anna's hair in pig tails to represent ears of the kitty, but Aaron "Diego" said she was "baby jaguar".... Uhhhhmmmmmm----OK.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

haloween... take 2!

the kids had a blast! 30 minutes in and out. we had friends come over to go trick or treating and get rid of the candy they had left over. the goal was to come back with less that we started with. believe it or not we both came back with WAY more than we expected


most of this is going to straight to work.

Dan and i separated the candy out by chocolates, sweets (like now n laters or skittles) and mommy and daddy candy (like Take 5, twix)

Aaron stayed in his costume long after the night was over. we usually have to peel him out of it. Danny just wanted to take his off so he can eat some candy. Anna thought it was part of her PJ's so she didn't mind a bit! she just had cold hands and was tired.....

Saturday, October 27, 2007

haloween.... take one!

for the last couple years we have been doing 2 trick or treats. One is the night EVERYBODY goes out. we usually go with another friend in their neighborhood where there's lots of kids and excitement. and then we do the second one in our neighborhood. it's usually on a Sunday night for one hour. the stay at home type of mom who has all the time in the world organizes it and puts nice little notes in our mailbox about a week before letting us the know the details. this year it's TRICK OR TREAT FOR OUR ROAD IS GOING TO BE SUNDAY OCTOBER 28 FROM 630-730.... 15 KIDS.

no lie.

and i think 15 kids is a lot for our road. the "mature neighbors" must invite their grand kids over. the best part for me is that i get all the kids in about 15 minutes. seriously, that's how long it takes to trick or treat on our road. it's only a dozen house and not all of them participates---weenies-----but the kids don't care. they just like to go out and have fun.

so for now, enjoy these pics. I;ll more after tomorrow night later :)

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Foot ball and pumpkins and patches, oh my!

this past week has bee busy as usual. we took some time out to visit the pumpkin patch with the kids.

since when should it be 90 degrees and freaking' hot in October? anybody...anybody (is this thing on?)

the deal was they had to decide on bowling or pumpkins. which ever they don't choose we'll do in a couple weeks. we always watch the game before we do anything to go anywhere. Anna took her nap during the game and then we left to pick pumpkins. the horse drawn wagon takes you out to the field where you pick any pumpkin you want. $5 no matter how big or small, or color or freakish in nature.

did you know there is such thing as ghost pumpkins? seriously!!! they're albino! weird....

some of the photos in the slide show are just wild and random. Danny really enjoys taking pictures. they really good, but maybe not best subject (like me) or it something wacky like a foot, or the steering wheel, or how about the TV??? at any rate, enjoy!!!!