Sunday, October 28, 2007

haloween... take 2!

the kids had a blast! 30 minutes in and out. we had friends come over to go trick or treating and get rid of the candy they had left over. the goal was to come back with less that we started with. believe it or not we both came back with WAY more than we expected


most of this is going to straight to work.

Dan and i separated the candy out by chocolates, sweets (like now n laters or skittles) and mommy and daddy candy (like Take 5, twix)

Aaron stayed in his costume long after the night was over. we usually have to peel him out of it. Danny just wanted to take his off so he can eat some candy. Anna thought it was part of her PJ's so she didn't mind a bit! she just had cold hands and was tired.....

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