Friday, July 13, 2007


my name: amy
fav music of the moment: aaron shust---his new CD ROCKS!
4 letter word: jack
3 letter word: ass
vehichle: blazer
tv show: so you think you can dance?
city: ashland
boys name: Andrew
girls name: alaina
alchoholic drink: beer
occupation: marketing
something i am wearing: scrubs
celebrity: Jesus
food: apples
something in my kitchen: orange walls
something I do nobody knows about: i like to dance in the car and sing loud
reason for being late: i didn't drive
cartoon character: sponge bob
something I shout: that's inappropriate!


Anonymous said...

lol. no...panties were still on thank you!

you're walls are orange?

the burns are turned to tan. we've been using aloe like it's our job.

Anonymous said...

i forgot...i was on the mk site. what does red tea and fig smell like??? i love fig and brown sugar from bath and body. was wondering if it smelled similar to that. do they not sell candles??

danamydannyaaronanna said...

hey crystal--- truth be told i looked down to see what color panties i was wearing adn i sawy my blue scrubs first, so i put the first thing down forst-------

I JUST tried the fig AND the lotus one. both are AMAZING! i am also a fan of the BBW stuff, adn i used to use the shower scrub years ago. you will LOVE IT! i tried the mist and it had great staying power. But remeber, when you layer your product the scent lasts the longest. I am placing another order by Monday.... I'd like to offer you half off if you would liketo try anything in the new frangrances. we dont have candles, but i thnk they would be a HUGE hit if they did. I would like my house to smell like that all day!!!!!!