Monday, August 20, 2007

danny and aaron's fishing and camping trip w/ grandpa

danny caught his very first ever fish.

aaron had fun cutting the grass.


Anonymous said...

it looks like they had a good time with grandpa! i always loved finishing with my grandpa.

i landed another wedding shoot for september 22nd. i am getting nervous! my first wedding to take pics for is on saturday--this saturday! josh is up at my parents house right now. he has a job interview tomorrow at campbell's soup. he's excited. we will let you know what happens!

what do you think about having orders available for those who want family pictures the day we come up to visit you guys?? i think i am going to make a price sheet for anyone interested in purchasing them. talk to you soon!! if you need me you can call my cell. i lost it for like 2 weeks. it was in the trunk of my car--dead as a door nail. DUH

Tom Siebenaler said...

Danny looks so proud!! Did Bill have him filet the fish himself? He could have stuffed it and put it in the house somewhere.

I'm glad that the grass didn't catch fire while they were moving...that could have been problematic. (har-har)

danamydannyaaronanna said...

danny caught 4 fish and totally kicked dan and bill's booty. he had so much fun!