Tuesday, August 28, 2007

anna gets her ears pierced

while the boys were our fishing and camping, anna and i did a girls weekend. look waht we did!!!


Tom Siebenaler said...

That one picture where you have her cheeck pinched and she's looking pained....is so cute. Have you bought her those hula-hoops ear rings to wear yet?

mitchandcarissa said...

The teary-eyed picture made my heart swell...what a darling girl Anna is growing up to be. She looks a lot like you!

danamydannyaaronanna said...

thank you BOTH! i havent bought her hoops yet. she needs to keep the starter BLING in for a few more weeks before i change it up. I havent bought her any becaue i am afraid to change them. you might not have been able to tell, but i actually cried worse thaan she did. I am a big baby!!!!