Friday, June 8, 2007

What a girl wants....what a girl needs

...this makes me feel old. this is my little cousin Caitlyn. i take that back this is my knock out cousin Caitlyn. She just graduated and is heading off to college in a few months. I remember when she was born. I just turned 13. she was the first member to enter my extended family in about 10 years so this was a big deal.
I kid around with the notion that we pretty much like twins. we look a lot alike and act alike at the same age.
We are going to her open house in a few weeks. I had one, but the only thing i really remember getting was a Dr. Seuss book (which i LOVE and just gave to a recent graduate) and a hangover---- OK, so i was 18 and more than happy to rebel and live life a little. I didn't get anything practical for college and wouldn't even know what i would need. Now that I've been there, done that got the t-shirt...oh yeah, and the tuition bills..... i know what a girl NEEDS, but what does a college freshman WANT????
any ideas????


Carissa said...

I ALWAYS needed stamps (yes...I'm old) & quarters for laundry. Nonperishable food is always a life saver & what college kid can live w/o a hot pot (think that's what they're called. the older I get the less I that normal?).

You look soooo great, Amy!!!

Congrats to the fam & Danny:)

danamydannyaaronanna said...

ooooh-- the quarters are a great idea!!! she'll be going to Kent main campus so i can always visit or send a care package, too!!!