Tuesday, September 16, 2008

long time no see???

I know, i know, i know--- it's been a long time since we've been posting. Things have been extremely busy. the last thing i want to do is open ANOTHER lap top and work on this. I promise to be more diligent in updating this altogether.

school is starting up for the boys. Anna is still a cutie and going to the sitters. Danny's in football. I will be an auntie 4 times between December and march. I love Angie (steven) and Toddy (Shannon)!! OH! and i will gain a brother in law within a couple months, too!! BIG-BIG-BIG changes coming up. so now you can see why I have been busier than over. Lot's traveling, Lot's of planning and lots of running.

TTFN--ta-ta for now!


Welcoming Counsel said...

I loved visiting you and Dan at Five rock. It was sweet seeing Dan worship on stage. Blessing to you both and the little ones!!

grandma&grandpa said...

yes I no you guys have been so busy lately Amy..And it will keep being that way for a while yet. If I send a baby gift to Angie and Todd and Shannon to you can you get it to them? I can't send it you them for no address for them.. I am so happy for all..Does Angie no if she is having a boy or girl/ And when is the baby due? And for Todd and Shannon I think they could use for both. He will be such a good daddy, you no it.. And Shannon and Angie will be great moms to. I'm sorry I don't no Steven but sure he'll do fine to..
Have fun watching Danny play football... Love, mom

grandma&grandpa said...

Oh I don't no how I got the name spelled wrong but can't seem to change it !! Only grandma could do such a thing.. Should read grandma & grandpa oops.. Sorry..

Anonymous said...

Hey sissy!!! When oh when will you put pics up of the bruisers!!!! All the good football playing by Danny may be a good reason to post some new good pics!!!!

Anonymous said...

oops...that was me Aim......I had to sign up or something... I can't ever figure these things out to well!! lol