Saturday, May 24, 2008


i am camping for the first time as an adult, well, sorta. i am not doing the overnight thing, but I did come out for the day.

i am on my laptop, updating my blog and surfing the Internet. what does this tell you about my feelings towards camping??????

the best answer will have a featured posting written about them.....


Anonymous said... are one of those people who are addicted to the media and cannot be disconnected from "the world" for any length of time! i thought you were more of a survivor than that:P

Anonymous said...

so where is this "featured posting"?! i think it should be about me considering i am the only one who replied. i can't wait to hear what great things you have to say about me. ha ha ha. what is a good time to call you? i never know with having kids, bed time and what not.

Anonymous said...

have have facebook. where have you been?! that's like so...4 years ago. lol. i emailed you