Sunday, March 23, 2008

easter basket hunt

OK-- we don't get into Easter egg hunts, going to the mall to see the Easter bunny, etc. we do, however, celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus, eat a lot, get together with friends, go to church, and create a basket of goodies like fruit, a little bit of candy, snacks for their lunch, and something else they happen to need at the time. this year it was shoes, so we went shoe shopping Friday night.

we planned on putting out their baskets before church, but completely forgot. Later this evening while we were watching TV before bed I remembered. Max and Ruby (they're bunnies who are brother and sister, and they were celebrating easter) was on and i realized we never did anything for the kids. check out what happened.....


Jim Ramsey said...

Thats hysterical...The Easter bunny brought fruit?!

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